M100 Brushless Motor



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The M100 is a rugged brushless motor for use in the ocean and in extreme environments. It has the same internal components as the T100 Thruster.

Product Description

The M100 Brushless Motor is a simple motor version of the T100 Thruster.

It uses the same internal components but doesn’t have the plastic nozzle or other components.


  • Waterproof brushless camera gimbals
  • Underwater actuators
  • Build your own thruster
  • Small ROVs that don’t need full size thrusters

The M100 is also used as the vertical thruster on the OpenROV Compatible Kit.


  • Efficient brushless electric motor
  • Standard mounting holes spaced 19mm and 16mm apart
  • Rugged design for use in extreme environments
  • Operates under extreme pressure and depth
  • High-performance plastic bearings that don’t corrode
  • Solder pads to connect and seal wires


Important Notes

It is strongly recommended to insulate the motor. Over time, without insulation, the wires will begin to show signs of corrosion.


Operating Voltage 6-16 Volts
Max Current 12.5 Amps
Max Power 135 Watts
Length 2.12 in 54 mm
Diameter 1.26 in 32 mm
Shaft Diameter 0.157 in 4.0 mm
Mounting Hole Spacing 0.75 in & 0.63 in 19 mm & 16 mm
Mounting Holes M3x0.5 Screws
Weight in Air 0.20 lb 90 g
Weight in Water 0.16 lb 71 g

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