Aluminum End Cap (4″ Series)



  • Aluminum End Cap (4″ Series)
  • Aluminum End Cap (4″ Series)

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This aluminum end cap is for use on the 4″ Series Watertight Enclosure.

Product Description

This aluminum end cap is for use with Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (4″ Series). We designed these end caps to have a greater depth rating than the clear acrylic end caps. Depth rating to be determined.

Aluminum is much easier to machine than acrylic. If you’d like to drill your own holes, tap holes, etc., then this end cap is the way to go.


  • 1 x Aluminum End Cap
  • 6 x M3x12 screws



Thickness 0.24 in 6 mm
Weight 0.37 lb 168 g
Installed Weight in Water (Salt)
Material 6061 or 6063 Aluminum
Finish Type 2 Hard Anodizing

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